Brito is our solution to systematically drive behaviour towards sustainable performance in your organization. Learn more at

Define where you want to be

Set objectives and targets relevant for your business. Choose from a set of predefined indicators or tailor it for your purpose.

Get input that matters

Take the pulse of your organization and investigate the current status. You decide how often, and everything is done automatically.

Get insight

See your dashboard for real time insight on how your organization is performing and identify areas to focus on. Your trendline will show how you are doing over time.

Act to make a difference

Be proactive and take advantage of the extensive knowledge hub with hands on recommendations.

Evaluate you are on the right track

Make sure your actions have the intended effect and are supporting your objectives.

Support when needed

Your Customer Success Manager is no further than a phone call away and ready to support. If you need the extra push to reach your targets, use the Coaching  service.

What you get

  • Brito supports a sustainable performance in your organization by regularly investigating, analyzing, acting and evaluating your performance.
  • Brito engages your whole organization on all levels, enabling you to incorporate sustainability to all parts of your business.


  • Creates measurable results
  • Follow-up your performance
  • Increase employee engagement and involvement
  • Cost efficient
  • Easy to use management reports
  • Support when needed