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Manage Products & Services

Do the right things…

Knowing what to offer and when can be tricky. We provide you with the right tools to manage your products and services and ensure that they are always meeting customer needs.

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Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.
– Peter F. Drucker

Product and Service Management

Capture the potential of your products and services and ensure profitability throughout their life cycle.

Product and Service Portfolio Management

Get on top of your Product and Service portfolio and ensure that you know how much to spend on what and when.

Gamify Your Offer

Who says fun isn't serious! Get to know applied gamification and how it can be used to make your offer more interesting.


The Idea Management Workshop was very much appreciated and provided a lot of good insights into the subject. We can truly recommend to sign up for it!

Mälarenergi Elhandel is continuously looking into ways on how to improve their service towards distribution partners and is therefore inviting them for the yearly partner meetings. TENTIO was invited to give practical support on how to manage the vast amount of ideas that Mälarenergi and their partners were generating.

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